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from Lyon, France

Baterista desde hace vaya uno a saber cuánto tiempo, cuando la vida tuvo la feliz idea de ponerme una batería en el camino. One way ticket to happiness!

Олег Чернов

from Ростов-на-Дону, Russia

Я играю на барабанах 19 лет, закончил музыкальную школу, живу в Ростове-на-Дону, занимаюсь преподаванием барабанов уже 9 лет, имею частную барабанную школу, сессионно работаю с разными музыкальными ко (...) Show moreллективами, имею большой концертный и студийный опыт, в составе группы Motorama обЪездил с гастролями весь мир, музыка и барабаны это моя профессия по жизни! Show less

資盛 大津

from 大阪市, Japan

よろしくお願いします! (...) Show more Show less

Bastian Kilper

from Stuttgart, Germany

Drums are sound. Drums are music. I do not like to show off, I like to make music. I like to communicate and make people move - both in an physical and an emotional way. Therefore I play in several ba (...) Show morends based in Southern Germany such as Into The Fray or Woodsman. I studied audio engineering at Stuttgart Media University and did a drumming course at Drummer's Institute, Krefeld. At the moment I live in Stuttgart and make my living as a drummer, composer and teacher. Show less

Arjun Dube

from Philadelphia, United States

• 16+ years of drum kit experience in all genres, currently performing 50+ live concerts annually; 4+ years of self-taught piano experience.
• Shared the stage with notable artists Mark Guiliana, Tayl (...) Show moreor McFerrin, Wyclef Jean, Vulfpeck, FKJ, Ghostnote, Members of Snarky Puppy, Allen Vizzutti, and many more
• Developed advanced audio production and engineering skills through years of self-directed recording sessions. Extreme familiarity with sampling, Roland SPD-SX and SP404 functionality, live sound monitoring.
• Extensive experience in professional touring settings both domestic and international, including extended tours in the US, Italy, and Estonia
• Currently teach private music lessons to aspiring drummers, developing individual programs for each student
• Current group Trap Rabbit has garnered wide critical acclaim in the Northeast and has been featured on Okayplayer and WXPN – Show less

Ricky González

from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

I started playing drums at the age of 13, I am now 35; college, work, family, etc., have made the time I get to spend really learning and taming this beautiful instrument a fine commodity, no (...) Show morenetheless, my love and passion for drumming has endured over the years. I am also very passionate about the recording, mixing, and mastering aspects of creating music; I am very happy to finally have the ability to record my drums and cymbals with tools that let me hear my nuances, imperfections, etc., and use this as vehicle for advancement of my craft. Being an engineer by daytime, audio signal flow, miking and phase principles, mixing, processing, etc. are all aspects that I just love to explore. I hope this solo pieces portrays my passion for both playing and recording, it was a lot of work and it had to be worked around many many other commitments and challenges. If you're a young player and you're reading this, treasure every minute you get to spend with your instrument.. oh and have a lot of fun, and record yourself often!
Comence a tocar bateria a los 13 años, ahora tengo 35, la universidad, el trabajo, la familia, etc., han hecho que el tiempo dedicado a realmente aprender y domar este bello instrumento sea un lujo, sin embargo, mi amor y pasion por la bateria han perdurado a travez de los años. Tambien me apasionan mucho la grabacion, mezcla y masterizado como medios creativos de musica y sonido; estoy muy contento de finalmente tener las herramientas necesarias para poder grabar mi bateria, lo cual me permite escuchar todos los matices, imperfecciones, etc., de mi ejecucion y usarlos como un vehiculo para seguir aprendiendo y mejorando en mis habilidades y musicalidad. Siendo a la vez un ingeniero durante el dia, me encanta exlorar aspectos tecnicos del audio como el flujo de señal audio, tecnicas de microfoneo y correlacion de fase, mezcla y procesamiento de audio etc. Espero que esta pieza ejemplifique mi pasion por tocar bateria y grabar audio, fue arduo trabajo y tuve que hacerlo enmedio de muchisimos compromisos y desafios. Si eres un baterista joven y estas leyendo esto, atesora y aprovecha cada minuto que tengas con tu instrumento... y tambien diviertete mucho y grabate seguido! Show less

Aniruddh Gupta

from Navi Mumbai, India

I started to play the drums at the age of 9 but did not show much interest then. After a two year drop, it became a hobby and i started playing a lot until it grew into a passion. I hope this competit (...) Show moreion shines light onto the path for me to make a career out of drumming. Thank You! Show less

JP Faundez

from Linares, Chile

JP Faundez (21 años) baterista chileno que actualmente estudia gracias a una beca en Berklee College of Music, Boston.
Ha tocado y participado en sesiones de estudio y en vivo con artistas chilenos e (...) Show moreinternacionales como Jesus Molina band, Christian Galvez, Miguel Bose, Kevin Powell, Caroline Gray y mas.
En la actualidad esta trabajando para varios estudiantes de Berklee, tambien se encuentra grabando el siguiente disco de jazz de el pianista prodigio Jesus Molina y preparando una gira. Show less

Gianmarco Solari Sánchez

from Lima, Peru

Me empecé a interesar por la batería gracias a mis primos. Empecé tocando rock y metal y al mismo tiempo aprendí a tocar jazz, dos mundos totalmente distintos, y eso me ayudó bastante para mi desarrol (...) Show morelo en la batería, pero luego me interesé mucho por la música de país tanto costa sierra y selva. A partir de ese momento me he dedicado a desarrollar los ritmos peruanos en la batería y poder desarrollar los géneros desde un punto de vista de un instrumento no tradicional Show less

Jude Kenrick Ganasen

from Johannesburg , South Africa

I love music and I can’t see myself doing anything other than this in Munich life. I express myself best when I’m sitting behind the drum kit - it feels like home. I’ve been drumming since I was 10 ye (...) Show morears old, and have been playing professionally since I was 14 years old. I grew up in a musically family and played in church - I owe so much to my parents for supporting my music. My first band experience was my own project with my brother called Coals of Juniper - an instrumental prog-rock band. Those are still my favourite musical memories. I started sessioning when I was 15 years old and throughout the years I’ve been able to play with incredible musicians who inspire me and from whom I’ve learnt so much from. I achieved my Gr8 Trinity College qualification when I was 16 years old and went on to study music and receive my Honours Degree in Music Education. I have played at all the major festivals in and around South Africa and have had the privilege of travelling to many countries because of music. My current project is a group called EASY FREAK that makes pop/RnB/fun music and I have been able to stretch myself musicially, in terms of song-writing and composing. My goals are to keep pursuing music in as much of a business-minded way as possible, to treat myself and my skill as a brand and to truly enjoy every moment. Show less

Mathis Grossmann

from Berlin, Germany

Ich habe mit 12 Jahren angefangen Schlagzeug zu spielen. Ich habe Jazz-Schlagzeug studiert und spiele mit verschiedenen Projekten in verschiedenen Styles - Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul und Gospel.
Meine größt (...) Show moreen Einflüsse sind Vinnie Colaiuta, Chris Dave und Thomas Pridgen. Show less

Jody Zannoni

from Sarcedo, Italy

Here i am with a spontaneous video from my studio. I've just decided to start with mallets and than to move on with sticks!
I am 22, I've always been appasionate about the drums, but i only start to p (...) Show morelay it (and take lessons) at the age of 14 years old after 1 year of playing Guitar Hero almost everyday.
At that age i listened a lot of metal music, so my references were Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold.
I've boult an Indie Rock band at 15 years old, where i started to have my first experiences with the live music, and with the recording sessions in studio, up untill 18 years old, where i decided to move into a Fusion Band.
With the development of my technique and my listenings, i approached the Jazz music at 19 years old, and i am still exploring this world, in which i feel to have found the dimension of expression that i was searching since the beginning. I've played the drums for many years, but i've started to be disciplined and to REALLY study this instrument for 7 months, after i decided to fully take this path for my life, due to the fact that this is what i trully love to do, so i can be my best while drumming, and it's my intention to bring this to the world!!!
Right now I am playing with a modern jazz band trio wherewith i've recorded some songs in studio a couple of months ago and with other jazz and latin project for different occasions. I am also frequenting the first year of conservatory.
I am inspired by the american way of playing the drums, and i am inspired by drummers like Eric Harland, Jack DeJohnette, Justin Brown and much more.
Thank you guys for organizing such a cool contest like this one!!!
I've recorded a video 40 seconds longer so i had to cut a little of begin and end! Show less

Tin Matuš

from Maribor, Slovenia

A very greetful hello! :)

I have been playing drums since fall 2010 and I've learned from four different teachers. Over the years a lot of bands came and went (you know, drummers are rare in comparis (...) Show moreon to other musicians) and now I am in three different bands, playing from 4-6 times a week, while I still attend (arts) school an do all that which a 21 year old does. Influences have been all over, starting from metal then slowly progressing to most music. groovy, funky, heavy.. I love it all!
In no means am I endorsed by any company but i am backed by my family, providing me with the never ending sticks heads and cymbals, since I can't afford all that equipment myself. Thanks mom!

If you want to keep it short, I guess I have no choice. But I suggest you get to know me better in person ;)

Music and art overall are what needs to prevail in this age, bringing love and joy, so if I could reach as many people as I can to make their life at least a little easier or awaken beauty inside someone, that would be...
...hopefully possible.

sponsors welcome, I don't bite* :)

*except when eating, chewing etc.

p.s. sorry for the quality, it's my first time recording myself like this and i haven't figured out the best quality settings. Show less

Nicole Marcus

from Burbank, United States

Nicole lives and breathes for music and the drums. Playing since she was 12, Nicole received a scholarship to the prestigious University of Miami School of Music and graduated with honors with a Bache (...) Show morelor of Music degree in Studio Music and Jazz Drum set Performance. She's performed professionally on television, on an international tour, off-Broadway and in many other musical settings. She wrote the music and lyrics, sang and played all the instruments on her EP which reached #4 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter EPs and Singles chart and #2 on the Amazon Hot New Releases. She proudly endorses Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, SilverFox Drumsticks and Humes & Berg Instrument Cases. Show less


from Marcy, France

Pratiquant la batterie depuis 15 ans en école de musique, ainsi que d'autres instruments (Basse, Guitare), j'enseigne la batterie depuis 3 ans. J'étudie pour devenir régisseur du son, et j'envisage mo (...) Show moren entrée à l'ENM pour la saison prochaine.
J'ai rejoins plusieurs groupes de styles différents (Jazz, Funk, Rock, Métal....) et je participe régulièrement à plusieurs manifestations musicales (Jams, concerts, stages à jazz à vienne).
Merci a Sophie DEJARDIN pour la vidéo, et à l'équipe de Muzikadem et du Quai 472 pour les locaux et l'enregistrement. Show less

Eduardo López Jaimes Figueroa

from Ciudad de México, Mexico

Me llamo Eduardo, soy de la Ciudad de México, toco la batería desde los 9 años de edad, es decir desde 1990. Actualmente tengo 37 años y pronto lanzaré mi primer sencillo musical en el género hard ro (...) Show moreck bajo mi nombre artístico DudoDrums en plataformas digitales. La batería es lo más excitante que existe en el universo entero. Tocar en vivo con un buen sonido es la mejor experiencia que existe y espero dejar un legado musical en este mundo para mis nietos y aficionados del Rock! Espero poder llegar muy lejos en este experiencia con Shure! Show less

Jean-Philippe Fleury

from Québec, Canada

I started playing drums around 11 years old. I played about 8 years without stopping and then I stopped a few years. A few months ago, life brings me back behind my drums and I must admit that I misse (...) Show mored it. I am not in any group at the moment. Show less

Luis Gonzalez

from Pachuca de Soto Hidalgo, Mexico

Músico baterista, actualmente estudiando la licenciatura en Música.
Trabaja como maestro de música.

Ravindra Della Bina

from Rostock, Italy

Hello there,
My name is Ravindra from Italy  and i am a Drummer and a Producer.
Im studying Drums and Classical Percussion in the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater" in Rostock, Germany.
I work profess (...) Show moreionally as a drummer and producer since more than 10 years and since a long time I’ve been intrigued with electronic music, especially the performative live aspect of it.
With my study I learned the importance in the fusion of sound and groove, both inseparable aspect of my drumming Style.
Right know I working on different project spacing from Contemporary Music, Jazz & Electronics, Dance Music, Pop & Rock. Show less

Joaquín Castaño Pérez

from Cadiz, Spain

He formado parte de dos grupos musicales.